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Synonyms for amuck

out of control

Synonyms for amuck

frenzied as if possessed by a demon



in a murderous frenzy

References in classic literature ?
The old amuck rage was on him, and he wanted blood, anybody's blood.
Tublat was his most consistent enemy, but it was through Tublat that, when he was about thirteen, the persecution of his enemies suddenly ceased and he was left severely alone, except on the occasions when one of them ran amuck in the throes of one of those strange, wild fits of insane rage which attacks the males of many of the fiercer animals of the jungle.
The priest went mad, and with his heavy bludgeon ran amuck among his fellows.
All we can do is to guard the coast and keep them from breaking back on the plantation and running amuck.
It is the slave who claims to be from another world--he who escaped when the thag ran amuck within the amphitheater.
He had seen bulls about to run amuck burst thus suddenly from the jungle upon the members of the tribe, and so Go-lat took no chances.
In all such cases your movers, and your seconders, and your supporters --your regular Professors of all degrees, run amuck like so many mad Malays; habitually attributing the lowest and basest motives with the utmost recklessness (let me call your attention to a recent instance in yourself for which you should blush), and quoting figures which you know to be as wilfully onesided as a statement of any complicated account that should be all Creditor side and no Debtor, or all Debtor side and no Creditor.
No, there was no excuse for it, and they turned back to their feeding, but with an eye upon the ape-man lest he be preparing to suddenly run amuck.
MANILA -- Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada wants the policeman who threatened to kill him and went amuck in the Manila Police District headquarters last Sunday, removed from the service.