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Synonyms for amuck

out of control

Synonyms for amuck

frenzied as if possessed by a demon



in a murderous frenzy

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Solares was 'too drunk' at the time he went amuck and had 'family problems,' Estrada said.
For local communities looking for something new to produce, find a local farm near a stream and create your own "run amuck race".
Ambler is an inmate of a Parrish Island psychiatric facility for intelligence agents who have run amuck.
The result is a thrilling, rapidly paced, 703-page action/adventure novel that also incorporates thoughtful and thought-provoking commentary on the power of the state run amuck, an unusual love story, and how a movement of the people can take back their liberties when pressed to far by those above them.
Amuck, as a word, came down to English differently, like many things, too many to imagine, let alone count.
This is another example of government bureaucracy gone amuck, promulgating measures as a convenience to them rather than the individual.