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an industrial center and the nominal capital of the Netherlands

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I soon fell into the company of some Dutch sailors belonging to the Amboyna, of Amsterdam, a stout ship of 450 tons.
From Amsterdam I soon after set sail for England, in a small vessel belonging to that city.
We left the spires of Amsterdam behind us, and sailed over the smooth waters of the lake on our way to the Zuyder Zee.
This was when we had come back to town, and he was having a cup of tea before starting on his return to Amsterdam.
The inclosed compound has just reached him from Amsterdam.
More money could have been got for it, and the disposal of it in the diamond market would have been infinitely easier, if it had passed through the hands of the workmen of Amsterdam.
If ever a Holland Dutchman stepped out of a Rembrandt frame, Captain Van Horn was that one, despite the fact that he was New York born, as had been his knickerbocker ancestors before him clear back to the time when New York was not New York but New Amsterdam.
Being indicted for the libel, and (after various strange demonstrations in court) found guilty, he fled into Holland in place of appearing to receive sentence: from whence, as the quiet burgomasters of Amsterdam had no relish for his company, he was sent home again with all speed.
This strong position is also reflected in the many international rankings that attest to Amsterdams leading role in terms of competitiveness and attracting foreign investment.
After expanding into Brussels and London, the company recently opened an Amsterdam branch.
The company had outgrown its previous location on Amsterdams Keizersgracht, in the canal district.
As Amsterdams Deputy Mayor Kajsa Ollongren said in a special video message to Equiniti KYC, I think your company and the City of Amsterdam are a perfect match.
The provinces of Zealand and Amsterdam especially had to cope with a big rush of Flemish Lutheran immigrants.
Since the beginning Amsterdam has taken an important place in Dutch Lutheranism.
LOS ANGELES & AMSTERDAM, Netherlands -- Internationally-acclaimed architecture and urban planning firm The Jerde Partnership today announced it is working with city officials, ING Real Estate and local business owners and residents to develop a new master plan for the redevelopment of Amsterdamse Poort in Amsterdam's Centrumgebied Zuidoost district.
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