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a drug (trade name Inocor) used intravenously in heart failure

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A comparison of amrinone and glucagon therapy for cardiovascular depression associated with propranolol toxicity in a canine model.
Amrinone versus dobutamine in cardiac surgical patients with severe pulmonary hypertension after cardiopulmonary bypass: a prospective, randomized double-blinded trial.
The effects of amrinone and glucagon on verapamilinduced cardiovascular toxicity in anaesthetized rats.
Amrinone lactate (Inocor) and milrinone (Primacor) also are being studied for treatment of NPE.
Amrinone ultimately became the marketed drug Inocor, which is currently used to treat congestive heart failure.
Combined inotropic effects of amrinone and epinephrine after cardiopulmonary bypass in humans.