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Synonyms for amply

Synonyms for amply

to an ample degree or in an ample manner


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We have no doubt that this gentleman will be amply rewarded by god for this good deed.
The story-driven Chronicle mode in particular seems to have been designed with these hardcore fans in mind - the all-too-brief bouts taking a backseat to seemingly endless cut-scenes, which flesh out the back stories of - yes - a host of amply endowed but skimpily-attired female fighters.
Moreover, while amply qualified "non-white" South/South-East Asian teachers would be more than willing to fill the available teaching positions, Koreans themselves are unwilling to accept them as legitimate teachers due to their preconceptions of a legitimate teacher.
Portuguese customers had been limited to 10kg of rice since October, but the limit has now been lifted because the market "is amply supplied with rice and there is no need for rationing".
All of her descriptions are amply illustrated with examples from early Christian art (102 examples).
It is amply illustrated though suffers from an ungainly design and mediocre production.
It makes a strong and amply documented argument that the realtor, in his ideology, his rituals, and his associations, was at the center of articulating a vision of an American middle class defined through home ownership.
At more than six hours in length, it amply demonstrates why Amos the minister's daughter who came of age performing in the gay bars of Washington, D.
Well-regarded sociologist Barbara Katz Rothman makes this amply clear in her highly readable book, which considers the historical, sociological and personal dimensions of transracial adoption.
April showers bring May flowers'' are words whose truth has been amply illustrated this year.
Lord Cecil, the Queen's chief minister, suggests that Shakespeare use his amply demonstrated knowledge of evil and duplicity to solve his own dilemma.
The failure of our government to address the public health disasters created by the lack of universal healthcare continues to be amply illustrated by this epidemic.
May the Lord reward her amply for the great and hidden service she has done to the Church.
As the film amply demonstrates, the children are experts at making fires and cooking on them.
Be assured the V6 is amply strong and more fuel-efficient than the V8.