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For example, if a degraded sample amplified with the Identifiler kit is missing seven of the 15 loci normally amplified by the kit in a forensic case, the MiniFiler kit complements it by amplifying the same sample to provide results for the seven loci that were not successful.
To prevent DNA contamination and the carryover of amplified products, we used sterile tools at all times and carried out each step of the analysis (extracting DNA, preparing the reaction mixture, and amplifying and analyzing the PCR product) in separated work areas.
Knowing whether or not critical reflection played an amplifying role will have important implications for forecasting the shaking potential of future quakes.
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But this means that they have had to build very large and unwieldy amplifying systems to accommodate the larger beams.
Standard amplified phones may even compound this problem by amplifying static, sudden sounds and other distracting noise.
Several microarray providers have required scientists to significantly reduce the complexity of their genomic samples, usually by amplifying only specific DNA regions, to enable study.