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The Amplify family of structured/platform ASIC synthesis products received the DesignVision Award, which recognizes technologies, applications, products and services judged to be the most unique and beneficial to the industry.
It is a true honor the International Engineering Consortium has selected our Amplify ISSP and Amplify RapidChip solutions to be recipients of its DesignVision Award," said Andy Haines, vice president of marketing at Synplicity.
Synplicity, Synplify, Synplify Pro, Amplify and Behavior Extracting Synthesis Technology are registered trademarks of Synplicity Inc.
Rachel Pross of the $947 million Oregon State Credit Union in Corvallis took home the Young Credit Union Professional of the Year Award at the Amplify Awards Dinner & Gala.
We started Amplify Energy to address the gap between expected and actual performance," said Brian Grenko, Chief Executive Officer of Amplify Energy, and former VP of Technology for Yingli Americas.
Expert panellist Jonny Quinn of Snow Patrol spoke of his involvement with Guinness Amplify: 'I've really enjoyed being involved in Guinness Amplify over the last few months.
With the NIA redevelopment due for completion in winter 2014, this will, as the amplify slogan states, "take hospitality to the next level".
Amplify is a $612 million credit union serving some 43,000 members.
In this study, as in others (8), multiple sets of primers were needed to amplify these regions because different primer sets worked for different samples, which reflects the diversity of HCV.
Unlike Dow's more flexible Prevail ABS/TPUs, rigid Amplify alloys utilize Dow's Isoplast rigid TPU.
Still, the work may spur researchers to pursue making lasers of deeply etched, or porous, silicon, which has been shown to emit light in response to electric signals but not to amplify light, he says.
As Part of This New Business, Amplify Will Collaborate with AT&T to Bring a Breakthrough, 4G Mobile Tablet-Based Platform to Market
GALWAY RUGGEDWOOD AND KEYWEST - Guinness Amplify, Busker Browne's
com)-- Amplify Local Store Marketing announces the release of their new subscription-based, online Local Store Marketing toolkit.