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The GenomePlex Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification kit can be used in numerous applications, and is suitable for use with a variety of cells, including fibroblast amniotic cells, renal cancer cells, plant, epithelial, leukemia, and polycarbonate fixed cells.
The launch of the new kit greatly expands the research applications of the GenomePlex Whole Genome Amplification technology," said Keith Jolliff, Director of Strategic Marketing in the Research Biotech Business Unit at Sigma-Aldrich.
About Rubicon Genomics: Rubicon, located in Ann Arbor, MI, develops and commercializes the OmniPlex(R) family of proprietary amplification technologies for molecular diagnostics and drug development.
NuGEN[TM] has developed rapid, isothermal linear nucleic acid amplification systems that use a single chimeric primer, DNA polymerase with strand displacement activity and RNase H: SPIA[TM] (single primer isothermal amplification), a DNA amplification procedure; and Ribo-SPIA[TM], an RNA amplification procedure.
The use of the Ribo-SPIA technology for global amplification of mRNA in biological samples and subsequent quantification of defined sets of transcripts of interest has been validated in a mouse model for study of systemic HIV-1 infection (4).
Quantification of DNA targets and amplification of products, as well as cDNA (before and after amplification), were carried out with an ABI PRISM[TM] 7700 sequence detector (Applied Biosystems) or an MJ Opticon (MJ Research).
Human glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) gene products were quantified by TagMan quantitative PCR for assessment of amplification efficiency, yield of specific amplification products, and reproducibility of the new amplification system.
End point" detection or real time monitoring of the amplification reaction may be performed using commercially available systems.
It addresses key limitations in the application of nucleic acid amplification outside of the high complexity laboratory.
The Sunrise Amplification Detection System will be available directly from Oncor.
This enzyme provides for increased accuracy in amplification by producing no amplicon in the negative control reactions.
The third member to the product line, GenomePlex WGA Reamplification Kit, allows subsequent reamplifications of the initial whole genome amplification product.
The GenomePlex Complete WGA and GenomePlex WGA Reamplification Kits are excellent complements to Sigma's Whole Genome Amplification product offering," said Keith Jolliff Director of Global Marketing, Molecular Biology at Sigma-Aldrich.
The Sunrise(TM) Amplification Detection System consists of a labeled amplification primer, which when incorporated into the amplification product, generates a fluorescent signal.
The Sunrise(TM) Amplification Detection System will be available directly from Oncor.