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Studies suggest that voice amplification systems can help improve student achievement and lower special education referral rates, while also leading to better classroom management and fewer teacher sick days as a result of voice strain.
In accordance with the manual, a whole genome amplification system (WGA; Sigma-Aldrich, Saint Louis, MO, USA), which was developed for amplification of genomic DNA, was used to amplify viral double-stranded cDNA.
Newly designed light fixtures, an improved sound amplification system, modern electrical and plumbing infrastructure, and the Temple's first-ever air conditioning system have all been seamlessly integrated into the building's historic fabric.
The National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL), the research arm of Australian Hearing, developed a dual-channel sound-field amplification system incorporating features needed for use in remote Aboriginal communities, as well as for use in urban schools (Page, 1995).
Drawing on traditional Bazombo trance music, it centers on the sounds of multiple likembes (thumb pianos) distorted by a jerryrigged amplification system and combined with percussive instruments and lyrics chanted through megaphones.
Similarly, the Ovation RNA amplification system has been used for mRNA amplification and transcriptional analysis of pig embryogenesis (5).
According to the information sent by Lorraine Kirchner, the Sound Wizard is a personal amplification system for those who are hard of hearing.
After more than 20 years of use, the amplification system in the church had become unserviceable, and temporary measures proved inadequate for the large congregation.
No significant changes in curriculum, teachers, or class size occurred after implementation of the sound-field amplification system.
It prompted Paul Thompson, executive councillor for education and the leader of the council's majority Labour Group, to call for consideration to be given to installing an amplification system in the chamber.
6 million from a phase II SBIR grant, Caliper and Ambion will develop an RNA amplification system .
The hall's shape and the reflective and absorptive qualities of the panels make the space very responsive to speech - it is possible to give a speech without using the electronic amplification system.
My school district was quick to respond, installing a wireless voice amplification system in my room.
Now researchers are working to find out what turns this amplification system up and down, and what can be done to regenerate hair cells.
It consists of two major components: 1) the implant, called the Vibrating Ossicular Prosthesis, and 2) the external amplification system, called the Audio Processor.