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an ancient jar with two handles and a narrow neck

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However, the concentration of a considerable amount of amphorae of the Hellenistic period, imported from Knidos, Rhodes, Kos and Chios, shows that the use of the storage and industrial installations of the citadel continued until the end of the second century BC.
A Texan, Billy Ray Mangham of Sleeping Dog Pottery and his team, have a 'Qevri Project: Andrew Beckham, a potter and winemaker in Oregon has his own Amphorae Project: Also, a potter on the outskirts of Austria is now making qveris.
saying that she wanted to return the amphorae that her husband had brought from Turkey.
The wine press provides the earliest molecular evidence for wine-making in France and the traces in the amphorae support the idea that local wine-making was inspired by trade with Etruscans from Italy, researchers report June 3 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Then they all started shouting that amphorae were planted.
The purpose of the research reported here was to use the residue to identify the nature of the wines that had been in the amphorae and investigate their symbolism in the context of what is known of Egyptian mythology in the late Amarna period.
Various civilizations established their own "factories" to manufacture bulk quantities of amphorae to transport goods, Foley said.
This was kept in semi-porous pottery amphorae, which were stored in large underground cellars insulated with mud brick to maintain a cool environment (Curtis, 2001).
The operation, codenamed Amphorae, ran between October and November across Birmingham where police traditionally see high levels of calls to alcohol-related disorder.
Consider two beautiful and unusually large amphorae, or wine vessels, with lively depictions of satyrs and maenads in the midst of their drunken revels.
With glass, we took a leap from amphorae and goat bladders.
The net is cast widely: select individuals and places, religions, languages, and material remains (for example, amphorae, ceramics, mosaics) are all covered, in the company of more general themes ranging from foodstuffs to literacy and spiritual direction.
The memorable terra-cotta amphorae suspended over transparent basins are promised, as are at least two major installations realized specifically for Trento.
Her holds were filled with amphorae, the clay shipping containers of the ancient world.
We skim over the rocky bottom, examining fragments of tenth-thirteenth century amphorae and pithoi that lie among more modern debris: wine bottles, fishing weights, metal cables.