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an ancient jar with two handles and a narrow neck

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The themes of AMPHORA III and IV were 'Cultural Capital: Constructions and Reconstructions', and 'Breaking Down Borders: Transgressing Boundaries in the Ancient World' and each were interpreted in a multitude of ways at the meetings themselves, reflecting the great breadth and depth of scholarship among postgraduates in Australia and New Zealand.
The piece of pottery found by fisherman James Williams which may be from a Roman amphora Picture: JEFF PITT
Thirty-three fragments mending to 12, of lip, neck, and body, probably of an amphora.
The large, egg-shaped amphora was probably used as a storage jar.
Symphony is a highly scalable end-to-end solution that offers robust functionality which will help Petroineos to grow their business and to maximize their operational efficiency from front to back office," said Peter Carlile, president of Amphora - EMEA.
Cohn split off about one bin of the 10 tons he purchased from the vineyard for an amphora.
Amphora top, related to Keay XXIII/Almagro 51C (Portuguese) but the handles are circular in section.
The cup (estimated between 400,000 [pounds sterling] and 600,000 [pounds sterling]) was discovered in 1917 in Turkey, within an amphora at the foot of an early Bronze Age tumulus.
By the artist's standards, a Greek amphora is as neat as a wheelbarrow is as cool as a quivering mass of dots is as super-duper as faux-historical furniture and bamboo, plaid, and swirling patterns.
a recognized innovator in energy trading and risk management (ETRM) systems, and Freepoint Commodities, a leading commodity trading and energy marketing company, today announced a groundbreaking software agreement which allows Amphora to implement the Affinity trading platform across Freepoint's global Gas and Power businesses.
nGen_flex, a new filament made with Eastman Amphora Flex 3D polymer FL6000, offers unique solutions for new applications and allows for higher printing speeds.
The containers found in the wreck are known as amphora, and are unique shapes, that often contained handles.
Reconstructed, the pieces were found to make up a complete two-handled 25-litre capacity wine amphora of a typically flat-bottomed French form.
ZUG, Switzerland & SINGAPORE & HOUSTON -- Amphora, Inc.
size or scope of the contract: The contract is for construction of a complete service in the review and verification of the type of diving apparatus AMPHORA CR 496000/1/2 in the amount of 34 sets of meeting the requirements set out in the specification of the contract.