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Synonyms for amphitheatrical

of or related to an amphitheater

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The first impression, on seeing the correspondence of the horizontal strata on each side of these valleys and great amphitheatrical depressions, is that they have been hollowed out, like other valleys, by the action of water; but when one reflects on the enormous amount of stone, which on this view must have been removed through mere gorges or chasms, one is led to ask whether these spaces may not have subsided.
NEW YORK) I fell in love with Bernhardt's paintings at first sight: their workaday subject matter, their no-nonsense execution, their prodigal colors, their goofy regularity, their amphitheatrical size.
Indeed, the occasional presentation of equestrian-based entertainments within these large, conventional theatres suggests that Sydney retained the need, partial at least, for an amphitheatrical venue.