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small translucent lancet-shaped burrowing marine animal

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The event of gene duplication that generated GDF8 and GDF11 might have occurred before the divergence of vertebrates and after or at the point of divergence of amphioxus from vertebrates.
Isolation and developmental expression of the amphioxus Pax-6 gene (AmphiPax-6): insights into eye and photoreceptor evolution.
Research in amphioxus tells us that even an outwardly simple brain may have complex regionalization.
The Mnx homeobox gene class defined by HB9, MNR2 and amphioxus AmphiMnx.
Amphioxus and lamprey AP-2 genes: implications for neural crest evolution and migration patterns.
An amphioxus (also called a lancelet), which is a very distant cousin to humans and other vertebrates.
The prehistoric amphioxus was found in waters off Tankerness in Orkney.
The prehistoric Amphioxus, described by the Scottish Government as "elusive", was found in waters off Tankerness in Orkney.
Spanning from the weird to the wonderful, discoveries this year have included the bizarre Amphioxus and the beautiful yet elusive brightly-coloured flame shell.
Amphioxus mitochondrial DNA, chordate phylogeny, and the limits of Inference based on comparisons of sequences.
The cephalochordates are represented by the lancelets (also known as amphioxus in old literature), with about 29 valid species in two genera: Branchiostoma and Epigonychthys (Poss & Boschung 1996).
These early ancestors of man, thus seen in the dim recesses of time, must have been as simply, or even still more simply organized than the lancelet or amphioxus.
2007) reported nine Pax genes in amphioxus, also lacking eyes, including four newly described homologues of six and eyes absent.
Instead, they resemble the living invertebrate called amphioxus, a passive filter-feeding marine animal.
Among the chordates, Branchiostoma, the lancet or amphioxus, has a single skeletal element, the notochord.