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an ambiguous grammatical construction


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Relying on poetic Ovidianism for pathos, on moral Ovidianism for emotional detachment and cool analysis, these mythological comedias have a highly ambiguous impact, which concurs conspicuously well with the sketched amphibology of the tragic comedia.
Thus, the fiestas underscore the proposed interpretation of Baroque drama and tragedy (a lo mitologico or not) as an essential amphibology of perspectives.
amphibology (ambiguity; but the etymologies are different--that which is ambiguous goes around something rather than straight at it; that which is amphibologous has been thrown on both sides of something); and hypallage (shifting the application of a word--"the grateful shade" on a hot summer's day, "a wicked wound").
But "against" must be used here respecting its double sense: it is an amphibology which suggests not only struggle or war as against an enemy, but also leaning or pressing as against a lover.
Too many of our most polished scholars have condescended to make themselves the echoes of degenerate Greeks and enervated Romans, and to forget the amphibology that lurks in the word barbarous; while want of power to comprehend the peculiarities of the Saxon mind--without which no one will comprehend the peculiarities of the Saxon institutions--has led others to describe the ancestors of the English nation as savages half reclaimed, without laws, morals, or religion.
The Cask of Amontillado" becomes a maniac of the second degree: rejects denotation, spontaneity, platitude, innocent repetition, tolerates only languages which testify, however frivolously, to a power of dislocation: parody, amphibology, surreptitious quotation.