amphibious landing

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a military action of coordinated land, sea, and air forces organized for an invasion

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The LCAC is a high-speed, fully amphibious landing craft capable of carrying a 60-75 ton payload.
Contract notice: Mintenance in operational condition (mco) of fast amphibious landing craft (edar) based in toulon.
The group was made up of an amphibious landing craft, the Changbaishan, and two destroyers, state news agency Xinhua said.
Amphibious landing will be part of the exercise's activities.
It was the second time in just three months that "Quacker 1", a US Army Second World War amphibious landing craft, had sunk after driving into Liverpool's Albert Dock.
Highlighted drills include amphibious landing, jungle warfare, civilian evacuation and responses to chemical, biological and nuclear attacks.
RIMPAC-2012 also practiced evacuation of civilians in an amphibious landing operation, as well as joint anti-submarine and anti-aircraft defense.
Taiwan: Taiwan is scheduled to take delivery next month of a powerful multiple-launch rocket system aimed at neutralising former rival China s amphibious landing capabilities, local media reported Sunday.
In the letter, Dr Fox set out specific spending implications and warned that losing amphibious landing ships would leave the country unable to mount missions such as that in Sierra Leone ten years ago.
Faez which enjoys an amphibious landing capability is capable of carrying reconnaissance tools and equipments, medical cargoes and mail parcels, and designers said that these capabilities and its other potentials have made it an appropriate choice not only for patrolling and surveillance missions, but also for sports and recreational purposes.
Along the way, marines practise an amphibious landing on the coast of Bangladesh.
What was the largest amphibious landing operation of WWII?
The three-day operation, in which French and Italian navy units are taking part, involves amphibious landing of military personnel and equipment.
where they are taught how to conduct an amphibious landing.
From October 10 to 13, students from the Royal Military Defence Academy will witness crews from warships and a Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship in combat-simulated exercises as they demonstrate boarding operations, anti-air and anti-submarine warfare, a refueling at sea while underway and an amphibious landing.
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