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Synonyms for amount

amount to something: add up to

amount to something: come to


Synonyms for amount

a number or quantity obtained as a result of addition

the general sense or significance, as of an action or statement

a measurable whole

to come to in number or quantity

to be equivalent or tantamount

Synonyms for amount

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However, there is a special notice provision where the foreign corporation never had E&P that would result in any shareholder having an all E&P amount.
Revenue procedure 96-64 says 40% of a per diem paid for lodging, meals and incidental expenses is treated as having been paid for food and beverages when the amount is less than the federal rate.
Refinancing in the amount of $250,000 for a two-story, mixed-use, walk-up in Queens;
The terms of the trust document provide the guidelines for computing the annual payment, or the unitrust amount, that is paid to the donor.
Next, the proper form must be used to report the taxable amount paid.
Depending on the type, all or part of the amount paid may be taxable.
Richard Pergolis obtained permanent financing in the amount of $2.
As a sine qua non for obtaining the loan, the negative pledge would arguably make the entire loan proceeds an amount "received or receivable" in respect of the covenant.
Special Purpose Vehicle: A ceding insurer establishes a wholly owned special purpose financial captive insurance vehicle (the "captive reinsurer") in a state that provides for it such as South Carolina, and capitalizes it with an amount necessary to support the reinsurer's operations.
To determine which sequestration projects are most effective, we need to calculate the net amount of C[O.
The researchers note that some multivitamin formulations, as well as many vitamin A supplements, contain 10,000 international units (IUs) or more--an amount that places babies at risk.
The reason for this was believed to be attributable to two factors: * the amount of Sr retained in the metal-an
Next year, in a significant expansion of the Maximum Allowable Actual Charge (MAAC) concept, Medicare will phase in an absolute ceiling on the amount a nonparticipating physician can charge a Medicare beneficiary on an unassigned claim.
As of the December 2006 distribution, the OC for series 2002-HE3 has declined six months in a row and its OC amount of $1.