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liquidate gradually


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However, they do alter the method of amortizing capitalized debt issuance costs to conform generally to the constant yield to maturity method for OID.
Could an asset a company was amortizing over a useful life of less than 40 years now have an indefinite life under Statement no.
Blankenship stated that during 1994 PTR may issue additional fully amortizing long term debt to finance future growth of the company.
90-63 establishes procedures for the adoption of alternative methods of amortizing package design costs.
Loan Group 2 consists primarily of 30-year conventional, fully amortizing mortgage loans totaling $100,407,408 as of the cut-off date, Dec.
In a survey of early adopters in December 2001, Ernst & Young reported an average annual increase in EPS of 8 cents to 24 cents per share as a result of not amortizing goodwill and certain other intangible assets.
OBRA allows amortization deductions for most intangibles, determined by ratably amortizing an asset's adjusted basis over a 15-year period beginning with the month it was acquired.
At closing, the trust will enter into a four-year amortizing basis swap agreement with Bank of American, N.
167(f) and 197 that provide definitions and rules for amortizing a broad class of intangible property that banks and other financial institutions may acquire in the course of business operations.
Accounting problem: (1) Should changes in estimates Of future gross products that are the basis of amortizing the present value of future profits (PVP) of acquired long-duration insurance contracts be accounted for as a catch-up adjustment?
Loan Group 4 consists primarily of 30-year conventional, fully amortizing mortgage loans totaling $318,717,700 as of the cut-off date, Oct.
At closing, the trust will enter into a seven-year amortizing basis swap agreement with Goldman Sachs Mitsui Marine to hedge against the basis risk that results from the commercial-paper indexed student loans and the three-month LIBOR indexed notes.
197(f)(9)(A), appears to prevent the transferee partnership from amortizing under See.
The aggregate principal balance of this pool is $22,043,597 and consists of conventional, fully amortizing, adjustable-rate mortgage loans secured by first liens on single-family residential properties, substantially all of which have original terms to maturity of 30 years.