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When the election is made, the taxpayer will report interest income from the bond, along with a corresponding line item reflecting a deduction for the amortizable bond premium, similar to interest received as a nominee.
See Q 7742 for an explanation of how the amount of amortizable bond premium is determined.
He explained that [section] 197 was entered into the IRS Code in 1993 and determined that certain intangible assets were amortizable over a 15-year period.
TEI believes that, with only a few specified exceptions, transaction costs incurred in connection with taxable or tax-free transactions should be treated as giving rise to the creation of a new amortizable asset because tax administration will be simplified and factual disputes between taxpayers and the IRS minimized.
S&P's proposed "core earnings" adjusts net income to include expenses from stock-option grants, restructuring charges from ongoing operations, write-downs of depreciable or amortizable operating assets, pension costs, and purchased research and development expenses.
167(a)-3 and on the often obscure distinction between amortizable and unamortizable intangible assets.
Conversely, the landlord has a deferred lease acquisition cost asset amortizable over the term of the lease, including renewal periods, which is usually substantially less than the 31.
You may need to: * identify amortizable assets and fair market values in a purchase agreement to provide the proper tax treatment for individual assets; * buy or sell shares in the foundry to establish the value of a minority interest; * obtain financing or recapitalize business; stock valuation helps set collateral value for obtaining financing; * establish or update an employee stock ownership plan; (ESOP).
Therefore, taxpayers do not get the benefit of a historical adjustment for previously incurred R&D expenditures (likely moving the items from amortizable to currently deductible).
Amounts paid to or on behalf of a tenant for improvements to the leased premises and for tangible property (collectively, "TI's") are capitalizable and the costs are either depreciable or amortizable depending on the structure and facts and circumstances.
See Q 1121 for an explanation of how the amount of amortizable bond premium is determined.
of a character subject to allowance for depreciation under section 167" include amortizable intangibles that may be subject to the amortization rules of IRC section 197?
SFAS 144 requires impairment testing of amortizable intangibles at the lowest level of identifiable and independent cash flows.
Taxpayers also need to recognize that IRC section 197 includes covenants as an amortizable intangible with a 15-year useful life if purchased in connection with a business acquisition.
4) If intangible assets are classified as a component of goodwill then these assets are not amortizable under the current tax law, based on the "Mass Asset Rule.