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any plant of the genus Amorpha having odd-pinnate leaves and purplish spicate flowers

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Establishment of Acanthoscelide pallidipennis (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) feeding in seeds of the introduced legume Amorpha fruticose, with new record of its Eupelmus parasitoid in Japan.
sericeum, Euphorbia corollata, Amorpha canescens, Solidago nemoralis,
Lespedeza capilata and Amorpha canescens) do not change (Ritchie and Tilman, 1995; Ritchie et al.
They occur naturally as constituents of the roots, stems, and leaves of many leguminous species of the genera Derris, Lonchocarpus, Tephrosia and Amorpha.
Prairie species once present but not found during the present survey include Amorpha canescens Pursh, Brickellia eupatorioides (L.
Winter Summer Winter Plants (2005-2006) (2006) (2006-2007) Forbs Allium x Ambrosia x x Cirsium x x x Dalea x x Desmodium x Galium x Helianthus x x x Kummerowia stipulacea x Lespedeza capitata x x Lespedeza cuneata x Melilotus x Phyla x x x Psoralea x Rudbeckia x Sisyrinchium x Solidago x x x Verbena x x Woody plants Amorpha x x Ceanothus (leaf) x Cornus x x Rhus (leaf) x x x Rosa (leaf) x Rosa (stem) x x Rubus (leaf) x Salix (stem) x x Symphoricarpos (leaf) x x Celtis (leaf) x x x Gleditsia (stem) x x Morus (leaf) x x Populus (stem) x Quercus (leaf) x x Grasses Agrostis x Alopecurus x Andropogon x x Bouteloua x Bromus x x x Elymus x x Panicum x x Poa x x Schizachyrium x Sorghastrum x x Sporobolus x
Ehlke, have provided guidance in his study of genetic diversity in Amorpha fruticosa and Desmanthus illinoensis, two native leguminous species that are potential multiple-use crops.
Asclepias tuberosa, Asclepias syriaca, Ambrosia coronopirolia, Lithospermum carolinense, Comandra richardsoniana, and Artemisia ludoviciana), and legumes (Lathyrus venosus, Amorpha canescens, and Lespedeza capitata).
Additional prairie taxa include Amorpha canescens, Ratibida pinnata, Ceanothus americanus, Silphium laciniatum, and Monarda cf.
Mid-grass prairie; the common species include the grasses Bouteloua curtipendula, Schizachyrium scoparium, and Hesperostipa spartea and forbs such as Amorpha canescens, Symphyotrichum oblongifolium, Dalea purpureum, Erysimium capimtum, and Brickellia eupatorioides.
The major (99% by biomass) legume species in these fields are Lathyrus venosus, Lespedeza capitata, and Amorpha canescens (hereafter referred to by genus), but these typically represent [less than]5% of aboveground phytomass (Tilman 1987, 1988).
Nash (little bluestem), Amorpha canescens Pursb, (leadplant), Aster ericoides L.