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Synonyms for amorousness

the passionate affection and desire felt by lovers for each other

Synonyms for amorousness

a feeling of love or fondness


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392), which in normal circumstances might discourage amorousness by reminding the old wife she is no longer the hot babe of yore.
Fournier has embraced his second home with Gallic amorousness, extolling its underappreciated landscapes in press releases and even marrying a Saskatchewan girl.
A fatal disease--tuberculosis, also called consumption--provided a favorite metaphor to represent the destructiveness of feverish emotions, such as pining or amorousness.
His winding of the device allows a justifiable avoidance of eye contact with Christine as he 'turns a blind eye' to her affair; meanwhile the childlike melody issuing from the doll as he excuses her behaviour, dismissing Andre's amorousness as "naive", aids him in his own performance of naivety.
Yet the Virginian errs constantly by verbalizing his amorousness (98; cf.
by attending his evening lectures (Hadfield 59, 65-66, 74), and a certain amount of amorousness appears in his poems to her (not in the few reprinted in David Bratman's edition of the masques, but see Fredrick and McBride's mention of a poem about her breasts and another imagining her bathing [34]); a controlled degree of amorousness in reply was no doubt hoped for.
This model produced a proliferation of printed miscellanies of verse in the early Elizabethan period, both single-author collections and anthologies, in which male courtly behaviour is defined in terms of the potentially contradictory ideals of elegant amorousness and well-framed virtue.