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someone who adheres to the doctrine that ordinary moral distinctions are invalid

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While he looked a stayer in that win over nine furlongs, Ed Dunlop found that a mile and a half was too big an ask for Amoralist on his reappearance this year.
Amoralist should get off the mark in an ordinary event.
The idea that one can become some sort of ruthlessly effective amoralist supposes that mere mortals can attain Odyssean heights.
First is the amoralist refusal to take into account any relation between means and ends other than the instrumental.
Several weeks ago the 32-year-old hip-hop superstar Eminem, America's staunchest and most spectacular amoralist, found himself in an unusual position, suddenly cast as the moral hope of his generation.
I think this is a mistake: Maupassant is not an amoralist, but a believer in human goodness that is not, however, identical to the strict observation, at least outwardly, of moral conventions.
By contrast, FDR was an amoralist, devious, secretive and, especially in his love affairs, unfathomable.
The period of the Poisons Affair marked a change in Louis' character from the sensual amoralist of the Montespan era to the more strait-laced, pious character he became after he married Madame de Maintenon secretly in 1684.
Nielsen, by contrast, thinks that what has not been shown is that rationality requires, quite independently of what a person's dispositions or attitudes happen to be, that a rational agent must be moral: be, that is, a morally good personas distinct from just being a person of good morals, something a thorough amoralist could be.
The amoralist is someone who sincerely uses moral language, applying it in just the same way as more standard moralists do, but who is not (in the least) motivated to act as her judgments require.
But at that time it was their secret and only Max, amoralist that he was, failed to recognize that it was a dirty secret and should be kept under the covers.
74) The amoralist skeptic accepts that moral facts both exist and are known to us, but asks why we should care about these facts.
7) He explains t there are prudential reasons why even an amoralist would grant equivalent rights to another.
For example, in Masks of Sanity, Hervey Cleckley cites a case study of an emotionally empty, abusive amoralist incapable of being touched by the basics of human existence;
Tim Vaughan And jockey Michael Byrne hardly had a moment's worry as he cruised 11 lengths clear of Amoralist.