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the doctrine that moral distinctions are invalid

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Now I want to turn to the careful consideration of the two supposed cases of amoralism that commentators have identified in Hegel.
We should expect the challenge of familial amoralism in Greater Asia, and its influence in widespread corruption within and between nation states, to remain core problems for a very long time.
Amoralism is a moral code; likewise, aesthetic relativism is an aesthetic.
Hence the increasingly divided nature of Western societies, between an essentially pagan celebration not only of sex and the body but of violence, cruelty and amoralism, and a prim and life-denying form of Christianity that increasingly deploys irrationalism--creationism, climate change denial--in a desperate attempt to shore up a closed system of Christian belief.
While we would look in vain in Venetian political writings of this period for the kind of gleefully subversive assertions of political amoralism we find in Machiavelli, it is not difficult to find hints in rhetorical contexts at a differentiated understanding of speech ethics, positing different criteria for political than for moral or philosophical discourse.
Others annoy the right, which thinks that a materialist view of the mind that incorporates computation, neuroscience, evolution, and genetics undermines the basis of morality and leaves us with only a dangerous amoralism.
His old-fashioned pragmatism, his nineteenth-century radical honesty and frankness, his respect for such excellent bourgeois mottoes as "Fair Play" and "Don't kick a man when he's down," which have been too much vitiated by the sneers of Marxist amoralism, his consideration for the freedom of speech and writing, are all essentially liberal virtues.
Wright also includes a character much like Svidrigailov in Hilton, whose function is similarly to threaten the protagonist with his knowledge of the murders and whose cold-blooded amoralism suggests the protagonist's duality and participation in evil.