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the doctrine that moral distinctions are invalid

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For Mezhuev, chosen-ness in the Biblical sense must be accepted as a mystery, but a civilization that declares itself "chosen" veers necessarily toward amoralism.
Waugh had reason to know that beneath the glamour of Lovat's public reputation there lay a streak of strangely mindless, almost wanton, amoralism.
bring us to the brink of the courtesan's amoralism and the iconoclasm of the Protestant whore" (159).
We may refer, in state societies, to the moral relativity of kin-based societies, what has been called "situational morality" and "relational identity" and the kind of familial amoralism that occurs as a consequence of state organization of kin-based systems.
As demonstrated above, however, the EMS does not champion amoralism and condemns Stalinism.
In November 2008, as the recession deepened, terrorists struck in Mumbai, with their success exposing both the fragility of our security systems and the amoralism of our political elite (as in the visit by the Maharashtra chief minister to the ravaged Taj Hotel, his actor son and the director, Ram Gopal Varma, in tow).
He attacked concepts that tended to make literature and art worlds unto themselves, under the influence of those who 'perderam a rota das grandes certezas morais, criaram o amoralismo e a arte pela arte' ['had gone astray from the path of great moral certainties and have produced amoralism and art for art's sake'].
By contrast, anarchists, in response to the deficiencies within mainstream Enlightenment thought, have either embraced amoralism or subjectivism.
Uneasy with the amoralism of naturalism and with the moralizing of
A more sophisticated aesthetic approach takes the form of a gallant amoralism that savors the beautiful and the sublime and looks down upon moralizing literalism.
Amoralism is a moral code; likewise, aesthetic relativism is an aesthetic.
Hence the increasingly divided nature of Western societies, between an essentially pagan celebration not only of sex and the body but of violence, cruelty and amoralism, and a prim and life-denying form of Christianity that increasingly deploys irrationalism--creationism, climate change denial--in a desperate attempt to shore up a closed system of Christian belief.
By having political economy usher in a crude amoralism detrimental to any notion of a constructive working class interest, he cannot help but see plebeian radicalism as its natural enemy.
Perversity of spirit, inadequacy, amoralism, as far from painting as pederasty is from love.
By erecting a false dichotomy between support for the current bad war and a Kissingerian amoralism, the dodgers run the risk of merely driving ever-larger numbers of liberals into the realist camp.