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Clearly this trial has showed that Patrick Bennett is a total amoral individual who engaged in any criminal conduct that benefits him in any way," said Judge John Martin.
They are both imbued with one extra gene, medical diagnostics will surely attest, that empowers them to reflexively a) ruthlessly demonize their opponents and b) instantly retreat into the safe harbor of victimhood - all at the instinctual, amoral level.
Such ambivalence is hardly surprising, given the nature of the news coverage, which has promoted a sense of amoral resignation among viewers.
My own sense is that you did it because your values were gradually eroded in the amoral investment banking culture that now dominates Wall Street.
He falls into the absinthe-soaked, amoral and bohemian world of Toulouse-Lautrec and his entourage, whose lives center around a fantastical nightclub -- a seedy, but glamorous, haven of sex, drugs and electricity.
That initial confrontation seems to set up what will be a movie-long battle between Cruise's marathon man Ethan Hunt and Owen Davian, Hoffman's amoral arms dealer.
New York-based company Rockstar, which is behind Bully, is famed for its amoral plotlines.
Welch pointed out in 1961, the JBS motto starkly contradicts the collectivist Conspiracy's vision of "total government, an absence of all personal responsibility, and a completely amoral world.
The movie was seen as shockingly violent and amoral for its time, and Beatty, who also produced the film, reportedly had to fight to secure it a decent release after it was completed.
Art is amoral," writes John Banville, "whether we accept this or not; it does not take sides.
Both Dante and Petrarch knew this tradition, and both sought to exorcise its amoral, Protean desultor; in Stapleton's reading, the Vita nuova is Dante's failed Ovidian exorcism while the Rime is Petrarch's successful one.
British youth is the Beavis and Butthead generation - randy, racist and amoral.
His amoral attitude toward erotic situations formed the atmospheric background in many of his works.
Best just keep to yourself: All that amoral behavior can be on the soul-draining side, and who wants to hear your problems anyway?
Kids is a shocking portrait of amoral youths who resort to drugs and sex not as a form of rebellion, but to fill the void of otherwise empty and meaningless lives.