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one of a group of rabbis (active AD 250-500) who discussed the Mishnaic law in the law schools of Palestine and Mesopotamia where they explained and applied earlier teachings and whose discussions are recorded in the Talmud

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Officials at Amora, as well as Arnaud Ribeyron-Montmartin, secretary general of the Federation of Condiment Industries, and Bernard Chevalier, president of the Chamber of Agriculture in Dijon, all refused to be interviewed.
The Amora gem represents the largest break-through in diamond alternatives since the cubic zirconia was introduced to the jewelry market in 1976.
The UAE is the only nation we have made a living abroad and we have been very happy ever since we reached here four years ago," Amora said.
In this initial construction of the text (which anticipates its construction by the amora Rav Nachman whom we will meet in a minute), the practice of the house of Menashe (drinking pomegranate-coolers every Tuesday evening) somehow brings into reality the conception of pomegranate juice, rendering the activity of squeezing pomegranates on Shabbat a forbidden one.
In addition, the group reported healthy returns from the acquisitions made in 2000, notably Bestfoods, Ben & Jerry's, Amora Maille and Slim-Fast.
French Unilever-Bestfoods subsidiary, Amora, has chosen to work alongside Closures Europe, a division of Crown Cork & Seal to produce 70 RTS and 63 ECOB closures to launch its successful range of "Sizzle and Stir" sauces to the French market.
An Amora from the land of Israel, despite the fact that our editions say "Ray" Ami, who lived in the end of the third century.
Sophia Tavares, 17, who lives in the Portuguese city of Amora in the district of Setubal, logs on every month.
UT-2 (Imp)- 11/89, Model: 620 Daf/80 KW MAN Engine at Amora Shikpur Ferry Ghat under RHD, Ferry Division, Sylhet during the financial year 2015-2016.
Mary Jane Amora , hotel nurse, cares for more than 500 associates at the Doha Marriott Hotel in Doha, Qatar.
2nd Annual Chronic Disease Management Australia Conference 6-8 April, Amora Jamison Sydney Contact: www.
Lakish) was a second generation Galilean amora, active in the midthird century C.
They were seeking to achieve overall conceptual and textual coherence by harmonizing not only flagrant contradictions, for example between an amora and a beraita, but also subtle contradictions that are merely inferred by the reader.
Finally, crowd pleaser Hotelier' Unsung Hero of the Year was awarded to Mary June Amora, Hotel Staff Nurse, Doha Marriott.