amniotic cavity

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the fluid-filled cavity that surrounds the developing embryo

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Hypertension was most common among the youngest and oldest mothers (affecting 8% and 11%, respectively), and rates of tobacco dependence and infection of the amniotic cavity declined with age (from 2-3% among teenagers to less than 2% among women aged 40 or older).
14,15) The sphere-derived cells were then transplanted into the amniotic cavity of the embryonic chicks prior to gastrulation to determine their pluripotentiality.
At the indicated times (15th-18th weeks of gestation), we collected 500 [micro]L of amniotic fluid from the amniotic cavity and immediately centrifuged it at 900g for 10 min; the supernatants were then stored at -70 [degrees]C until measurement.
But it will need a better system, and on Day 8 another space appears in the cell cluster; the amniotic cavity, in which the foetus will float in a fluid-filled sac.
For the first time, surgeons report successfully performing an operation in the womb using needle-size surgical instruments, including a tiny endoscope that makes possible video imaging of the inside of the amniotic cavity.
Previous efforts to conduct a census of bacteria, fungi and other living organisms in the fluid relied primarily on culturing, or growing, the invaders in the laboratory after withdrawing some of the liquid through a needle inserted into the amniotic cavity.