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any member of the Amniota

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The origin and early evolutionary history of amniotes.
The developing muscle tissue that would lie along adult ribs in a standard amniote began to fold underneath itself in the turtle.
The water-tight amniote egg of reptiles was somewhat larger and still had to pass through this circular ring of bone.
For the analysis, Rieppel and deBraga compiled an extensive data matrix for amniota (reptiles, birds, and mammals) that included 33 amniote groups and 168 characteristics of their bones -- an important physical characteristic in defining clades.
The researchers' map also provides a significant step towards the elucidation of the crocodilian genome, forming a scaffold for genome sequence assembly, and will be of intrinsic value to comparative mapping efforts aimed at understanding the molecular evolution of reptilian, as well as other amniote genomes.
Casineria pulls back the origin of amniote lineages much farther than was previously realized.
Some of these genes are also crucial in digit formation in amniotes, a group including reptiles, mammals and birds but not amphibians.
A prominent example of this coordination is found in the gastrulation of amniotes, where Brachyury (Bra), a transcription factor, is synchronously and transiently expressed in a localized population, the Primitive Streak (PS).
Statements that birds are dinosaurs are as silly as claiming that mammals are synapsid reptiles, or that all amniotes are amphibians.
Introductory Sentences: "The question presents a statement Improved Student Application that birds and mammals are amniotes with (l)-(2)-(3) Guided whose embryos are supported by extra- Reflection embryonic membranes.
These lines - incremental lines of von Ebner - are present across all amniotes, and record daily dentin deposition.
2007) and McKenna and Farrell (2009) indicate that the four living suborders of beetles diverged in the Permian, when early amniotes, conifers, and others groups of terrestrial organisms, including other insects (Labandeira and Sepkoski, 1993), were also diversifying.