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It is also important to note that to date there is no evidence to suggest how real amnesics would perform on a negative priming task.
One of the two groups that received the simulate amnesia instructions (see Appendix for instructions used) was further instructed about how amnesics perform on a variety of memory tasks.
Subjects in the two simulated malingering groups were not specifically told how amnesics do on the negative priming task because no such studies currently exist in the literature that have tested the performance of amnesics on the negative priming task.
Other researchers went on to probe the unconscious memories of amnesics with different implicit tasks.
As in the British studies of amnesics, tests of priming involve the presentation of reduced perceptual information about previously observed words, pictures of objects or other items.
Replaying the Game: Hypnagogic Images in Normals and Amnesics," Science, 209 no.