ammonium chloride

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a white salt used in dry cells


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Ammonium chloride loading causes increased urinary calcium excretion in stone former as well as in normal subject no significant difference was observed and did not show any evidence of hyperparathyroidism in the subjects investigated.
where A-maltose, B-trehalose, Cfructose, D-galactose, E-glucose, F-sorbitol, G ammonium chloride, H-malt extract, I-yeast extract, J-meat extract and K-tryptone.
In this work, 1,5-benzothiazepines have been synthesized of reactions of variety chalcones derivatives with o-aminothiophenol in the presence of ammonium chloride.
One study showed that ammonium chloride given over a long period of time reduced the mineral content in the bones of ewes.
Effects of medium components on enzyme activities: Moisture, rumen content, inoculum, molasses, cornstarch, soybean meal powder, wheat bran, and ammonium chloride were used as variable components of the culture conditions.
It is known that, in the batch hot-dip galvanizing process, which is a multistage process, there are two possible sources of a chloride contamination: the hydrochloric acid pickling stage and the zinc ammonium chloride fluxing stage.
In our research, we studied the effect of the cotionization of cellulose (cotton) on the adsorption of silver nanoparticles by using 3-chloro-2-hydroxypropyl trimethyl ammonium chloride (CHPTAC) as a cation-generating agent, and two types of silver nano-colloids containing different stabilizers," Mohammad Esmae'il Yazdanshenas, member of the Scientific Board of Islamic Azad University, told the INIC.
The projects are as follows: theatransformation of the district heating system of the city of Jinan, which will move from steam supply to hot water supply, improving the whole automation of the system (31 million); the installation of energy efficient lights running on renewable solar energy for public lighting in Chaoyang city (29 million); the construction of ten small-scale hydropower plants in Yichang city (44 million); and theaconstruction and operation of a sodium carbonate and ammonium chloride co-product plant, using the CO2 currently vented from the existing fertiliser complex (30 million).
Chemicals used in the manufacture of heroin - ammonium chloride, acetic anhydride, sodium chloride and calcium hydroxide - were also found in quantities sufficient for the production of heroin with an estimated end street value of more than Au50 million.
Instructions are provided for preparing solutions, analyzing spinach extract, titrating reactants to produce ammonium chloride, measuring pH with universal indicators, calculating rate of reaction, and synthesizing copper pigments to make paint.
Other replacement products include ammonium chloride, citrates, formates and glutamates.
Do you still buy tonnes of ammonium chloride for the annual tank refill?
Coated products include: malic, citric & ascorbic acid, ammonium chloride, castor & granulated sugar and salt.
The flux paste I continuously find is part number 0-F-506 and NSN 00-255-4566, and it contains zinc chloride and ammonium chloride.