ammonium carbamate

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a salt of carbamic acid that is used as a nitrogen fertilizer

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Ammonium carbonate (30% ammonia), ammonium bicarbonate (99%), ammonium carbamate (99%), DBU (98%), 1-hexadecylamine (90%), ditert-butyi dicarbonate (99%), and calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum, 98%) were used as received from Sigma Aldrich (Oakville, ON).
This reaction produces ammonium carbamate, which is subsequently decomposed into urea under a pressure of 5 atmospheres.
The use of ammonium carbamate as a high energy density thermal energy storage material Douglas Dudis.
The study Ammonium carbamate (CAS) Market Research Report 2011' presents an overview of the Ammonium carbamate market globally and regionally by contemplating and analyzing its parameters.
Tenneco's Solid SCR[TM] system uses a solid ammonium carbamate reductant instead of liquid urea.