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impregnation with ammonia or a compound of ammonia

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This can accumulate in the system as nitrate, absorbed by phytoplankton (Hargreaves 1998), reconverted into ammonia by ammonification or converted into molecular nitrogen.
Nitrogen removal begins with ammonification, which occurs in the septic tanks.
The meromictic stratification and the substantially hypoxic condition of the monimolimnion surely benefit ammonification, leading to relatively high values of ammonia and phosphates in deep water.
astreoides consists of genes encoding enzymes involved in cycling nitrogen via nitrogen fixation, ammonification, nitrification, and denitrification (Wegley et al, 2007).
Enzymology and bioenergetics of respiratory nitrite ammonification.
Many different kinds of decay microorganisms participate in ammonification.
Tiquia SM, Wan JHC, Tam NFY (2002) Dynamics of yard trimmings composting as determined by dehydrogenase activity, ATP content, arginine ammonification, and nitrification potenti Process Biochemistry 37: 1057-1065.
This finding can be attributed to ammonification and/or denitrification occurring in the benthos during prolonged anoxic conditions (Mayer et al.
Myers RJK (1974) Temperature effects on ammonification and nitrification in a tropical soil.
The ammonification pathway results in microbial excretion of N[H.
The biological fixation of nitrogen involves two chemical reactions, ammonification and nitrification.
accumulation [up arrow] (at high pH) Ammonification [down arrow] (> pH 8) Decreasing Chemodentrification [up arrow] (at low pH) Nitrification inhibited N[H.
The transformation from one form to another involves several microbial processes, including ammonification, nitrification, and denitrification.
The cadmium affected the ammonification and nitrification process in the majority of periods at both sites; the copper affected lightly the denitrification at Rio Sevilla and the ortophosphate fluxes weren't affected for metal addition.