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pertaining to or containing or similar to ammonia


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5]), chemical oxygen demand (COD), total suspended solids (TSS), ammoniacal nitrogen (N[H.
It was then react with ammonia to form ammoniacal suspension and react with diammonium hydrogen phosphate solution corresponding to different stoichiometrioc ratio of Ca/P = ranging (a) 1.
Fuerstenau, Factors influencing the rate of dissolution of gold in ammoniacal solutions, Int.
Availability of ammoniacal nitrogen to lowland rice as influenced by fertilizer placement.
The sections were waterproofed with the nail varnish, with the exception of the pulpal floor interface of the cavity, and immersed in aqueous ammoniacal silver nitrate for 24 hrs.
The concentrations of nitrate and nitrite were quite low, and nitrogen was mainly in the form of ammoniacal nitrogen in the water samples of the Puhajogi catchment.
At the point of rejection there was a strong ammoniacal smell, the taste was sour, fishy and musty, while the flesh texture was very soft and mealy.
Bregman (2002) has described two experiments in which students study cellular RNA microscopically either by staining whole cells in a blood smear with a combination of methyl green and pyronin or by staining tissue culture cells with the ammoniacal silver method for ribosomal RNA.
Dicyandiamide inhibited nitrification when ammoniacal fertilisers were applied to field crops and vegetables (Frye et al.
A number of different compounds have been used as wood preservative treatments, but ammoniacal copper quat (ACQ), creosote solutions, and copper azole have been the most common.
Some embedded resistor technologies allow a fabricator having both cupric chloride and ammoniacal etchant to implement the technology with no additional capital equipment.
3a) high concentrations of ammoniacal nitrogen (12 mg/L in 2003 and 4 mg/L in 1993) were determined only in the Paaskula sampling point (Fig.
In alkaline, ammoniacal solutions, chemical equilibria between zincate, Zn(OH)[.
percentage of ammoniacal N is more beneficial because of the