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Synonyms for ammoniac

the aromatic gum of the ammoniac plant


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pertaining to or containing or similar to ammonia


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Scheme of catching of volatile products of coking: 1 - coke oven; 2 - gas collector; 3 - gas pipeline; 4 - settler-fluxing agent separator; 5, 6 - pipe coolers 7 - condensate settler; 8 - tar tank; 9 - ammonium hydroxide tank; 10 - turboblower; 11 - electric filter; 12, 13 - ammoniac columns; 14 - phenolic unit; 15 - centrifuge; 16 - saturator; 17 - entrainment separator; 18 - oil refrigerator; 19, 20 - scrubbers
According to planning, a fourth project is planned to become operational at Shiraz Petrochemical Plant, similar to the third unit (3,250 tons of ammoniac and 2,050 tons of urea).
While the EEB was satisfied with the inclusion of methane and ammoniac in the emissions covered by the new directives, it was quite unimpressed with the binding objectives being postponed to 2030.
According to the report from IME international affairs and PR, 220 MT of ammoniac with the unit price of 10,709 IRR was traded in the oil and petrochemical trading floor.
For details of how hydrogen gas and ammoniac compounds serve as fuel to plants and bacteria, see Susanne Stein et al.
Des affrontements ont oppose hier mardi la police tunisienne et des habitants d'un quartier de la cite de Gabes (sud-est) apres un accident nocturne dans une usine chimique qui a entraEne une fuite de gaz ammoniac, selon un journaliste de l'AFP.
The recipe is made up of the following: common salt, sal ammoniac (ammonium chloride), white pepper, black pepper, ginger, cumin, thyme, celery seed (or parsley), origano, rocket-seed, saffron, hyssop from Crete, bay-leaf, dill and parsley.
Le chlorure ammoniac quand il se maintient en chaleur (au chaud) degage du gaz ammoniac et d'acide chlorhydrique (13).
Ammoniac petre: Properties, production, usage [Ammiachnaya selitra: Svoystva, proizvodstvo, primenenie], in Russian, Moscow: Infohim
In humans, isocyanic acid is mainly formed by the spontaneous decomposition of urea into cyanate and ammoniac, which occurs in aqueous solutions according to an equilibrium that favors urea more than 99% (12).
That alarmed environmentalists, who pointed to a government finding that when heated water was drained from the reactors three years earlier, "hot water temperatures might have led to high concentrations of ammoniac [ammonium chloride], which is potentially toxic for the rivers' fauna.
Representative structure of recirculated water we shall esteem on an example of a water handling of ammoniac production of joint-stock company "ACHEMA".
MARY, Jan 25, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkish Ronesans Holding will construct an ammoniac and fertilizer factory in Turkmenistan.
They explained that nicotine was used in pesticides, citric acid was used in wax, ammoniac was used in detergents, and that methanol was used in rocket fuel.
Jews worked as tailors, money-lenders, glass polishers, money-changers, engravers, producers of salt and ammoniac, fortune-tellers, midwives, and prostitutes.