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Potential licensees in the hunting and firearms accessories industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Piercing Ammo on a worldwide basis.
Aristos Damianou, also from opposition AKEL said there was an issue with ammo being stolen for the purpose of stripping it down and selling off as scrap metal.
All can lead to water problems in the ammo compartment.
In particular Ammo was commended for his maverick approach to music education, which has not only changed the face of music provision in the Midlands but also saved the lives of many young people.
Winchester made the decision to offer matched ammo that was matched not just in pairs but across the spectrum.
With this in mind, the Ammo Sleeve has been developed.
Crewmen, just because you don't plan to fire your Bradley's M242 automatic gun doesn't mean it's OK to leave the ammo chutes disconnected.
New Line Shoots Grow-Your-Own Ammo Up To 85 Feet, Named a 'Hot Toy of 2011' at London Toy Fair
The Milonopouloses offer interesting logic when they suggest that ammo sales be banned because hunting is prohibited in the city of Los Angeles.
62mmx39mm rifle ammo to expand its ECO-AMMO[TM] line of products.
I thoroughly enjoy every issue of Guns & Ammo magazine, reading it cover to cover.
I contacted all of the major domestic ammo manufacturers to ask if I could order .
I don't sell guns or ammo and I don't do all that much work because of time limitations, but I do stay busy and enjoy it.
30 M1 Carbine ammo was non-corrosive use corrosive ammo would make the carbine freeze up.