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a meter that measures the flow of electrical current in amperes

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Finally, depending on the precision and repeatability needed in the application, ammeter shunt resistors may need to be traceable to standards and require an annual schedule of recalibration and recertification.
The most common source of error in any current measurement lies in the fact that the ammeter has a non-zero input resistance.
3], and it is convenient to mark the scale of the ammeter [A.
Verify monthly by checking with a clamp on amprobe at the starter that what the ammeter is reading is accurate.
A range of CAM operated rotary switches is available for on-off, changeover, multi-step, ammeter, voltmeter and motor reversing control and load break applications.
At picoamp currents and lower, a number of effects in the cabling, test fixtures, ammeter, and the device or material under test can generate significant currents that limit the measurement.
CSS modules provide same features along with built-in ammeter, and in conjunction with CIM module, the ability to be remotely controlled and monitored from a PC.
The Ammeter - This is the most overlooked troubleshooting device on the blast machine.
A typical test system for resistivity consists of a dc voltage source to provide the stimulus voltage, a series ammeter to measure the stimulated current and a test fixture to connect the sample under test in series with source and the ammeter.
3 10 Digital Pressure Gauge 0-600Kg/cm2 11 11 Temperature Recorder 0-100%c 1 12 V/A/Hz Indicator NA 1 13 Ammeter 0-2O0A 7 14 Digital Balance C-75Kg 3 15 RPM Meter 0-lCO0rpm 10 16 AC Ammeter - 1 17 DigitalVoltmeter 0-240V 4 18 DigitalTemp.
Low-side, grounded-shunt models feature a 5V to 40V power supply range, and they are optimized for conventional ammeter applications in which one side of the shunt is connected to power ground.