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a plastic (synthetic resin) made from amino compounds

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Bearing in mind that the choice of a silane is determined by the capacity of its organofunctional group to react with the organic polymer, two types of topcoat paints were selected: an alkyd/polyester aminoplast base paint (BRUSINT SE GR1S 03650), supplied by ProCoat Tecnologias, S.
A wholly-owned Subsidiary - Visionite (Private) Limited was set up in 1993 in Gadoon Amazai (NWFP) for the production of Aminoplast Moulding Compound.
Thames Best Paper Award was presented to Jeanne Courter of Cytec Industries for "Formulating industrial wood coatings with a novel formaldehyde-free crosslinker to replace conventional aminoplast crosslinkers;" and the Outstanding Paper Award in New Coatings Technology was presented to Ernest Galgoci of Air Products for "Next generation coalescing surfactants for formulating low VOC coatings.
Course 1 features discussion on such areas as acid catalysts for aminoplast crosslinking, including the mechanisms affected by acid catalysts, the use of mostly organo-sulfonic acids, and other acid catalyzed systems.
With the recent acquisition of Sud Chemie's rheological additives portfolio, we now offer a complete line of rheology additives for water and solvent based applications, including our revolutionary HEAT (Hydrophobically modified Ethoxylated Aminoplast Thickener) technology for low, mid, and high shear rheology in aqueous systems.
Commercial alkyd resin, Beckosol[TM] 12-054, and aminoplast crosslinker, Resimene[TM] 747, were supplied by Reichhold, Inc.
PPG Industries has been granted a crosslinking agent comprised of an ungelled reaction product of the following reactants: an aminoplast resin and a monofunctional sulfonamide having only one active hydrogen.
increase for aminoplast resins in the Americas; $0.
has been granted a patent for a powder coating composition comprising solid particulates of a mixture of an aminoplast crosslinking agent, a solid polymer having functionality reactive with the aminoplast crosslinking agent, and a crystalline, carbamate-functional material having a melting point of at least approximately 30[degrees] C in an amount sufficient to reduce the powder coating composition's melt viscosity at curing temperature, wherein the powder coating composition provides a smooth, cured coating.
Epoxy, urethane, aminoplast, unsaturated polyester, alkyd, silane/silicone, hybrid systems, active methylene group, etc.
PPG Industries has obtained a patent for an article comprising, in combination, a substrate and a cured photochromic aminoplast resin coating on at least one surface of the substrate, the coating being prepared by combining components comprising molecules having at least 2 hydroxyl groups per molecule; aminoplast component comprising molecules having at least two reactive groups per molecule; and a photochromic amount of photochromic component.
Crosslinking of various chemistries--epoxy, aminoplast, polyurethane, alkyd, etc.
There has been some thought given to a dual crosslink system where two aminoplasts could be used.