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a theophylline derivative that is used as a bronchodilator in the treatment of bronchial asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis

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To quote from the latest Cochrane review on the matter:(tm) 'The use of intravenous aminophylline did not result in significant additional bronchodilation compared to standard care with inhaled [beta.
Theophylline is available in a variety of formulations, including sustained-release oral forms, as aminophylline for oral or intravenous administration, and in rectal suppository forms.
There were few drugs available then for heart failure: digitalis, aminophylline, and mercurial diuretics.
Serum lithium levels can be decreased by acetazolamide, aminophylline, caffeine, mannitol, and theophylline.
For our cases, we prescribed acetaminophen for fever, steroids, antibiotics, bambuterol, aminophylline, ipratropium, mucolytics for pulmonary symptoms, and a mild sedative for sleeping.
Theophylline and its derivative aminophylline are frequently used as drugs.
316,318,320,323,324) In severe cases, intravenous aminophylline or intravenous [[beta].
At the termination of the pharmacologic stress, 125 mg of aminophylline was administered.
Aminophylline was the staple for emergency treatment from 1937 into the 1970s.
Previous Clinical TMP Source, y Age, y History Exposure Jaundice Colucci & 81 Orchitis No Yes Cicero,[6] 1975 Ransohoff & 26 Ear infection No Yes Jacobs,[7] 1981 Alberti-Flor 70 Respiratory Yes Yes et al,[8] 1989 problems Simma et al,[9] 5 Urinary tract Yes Yes 1995 infection Present case 60 CVA No Yes AST/ALT Additional Source, y Peak Values) Drug Exposure Colucci & 2000/1350 U/L Digoxin, Cicero,[6] 1975 aminophylline Ransohoff & 2670/U/L Acetaminophen Jacobs,[7] 1981 Alberti-Flor 19 520/9400 U/L Nitrofurantoin, et al,[8] 1989 prochlorperazine, doxycycline Simma et al,[9] 1170/546 U/L Amoxicillin-clavulanic 1995 acid Present case 4189/957 U/L Phenytoin
Retail Name Chemical Name Case Name Cite Aminophylline Batteast v.
One is aminophylline, a drug prescribed primarily to asthmatics, to help dilate air passages, and the other is an amino acid which is available in health stores.
Anti-cellulite creams don't work: A recent dermatologist's report criticised cellulite removal claims by anti-flab products containing aminophylline.
There is some evidence that drugs such as aminophylline can help reduce cellulite but their inclusion in cosmetic products is of dubious value.
The price of acetosal, for example, climbed from Rp 30,000 to Rp 45,000 a kg, those of analgin surged from Rp 80,000 to Rp 110,000 a kg, aminophylline base climbed from Rp 100,000 to Rp 170,000 a kg, etc.