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Synonyms for amidships

at or near or toward the center of a ship

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The Japanese destroyer was originally believed to have struck Kennedy's boat amidships, slicing it in two 59 years ago on August 2.
The drive battery is located amidships under the floor, providing a low centre of gravity for stability.
Time and again ball-carrying Welshmen at full pelt were clobbered amidships and thundered back a yard or more.
And one-time James Bond villain Javier Bardem harries everyone amidships as the revengeseeking Salazar, the matador of the sea.
And onetime James Bond villain Javier Bardem harries everyone amidships as the revengeseeking Salazar, the matador of the sea.
Horton, perhaps still discomfited after being hit amidships by the previous delivery, was bowled by Carey, and the 19-yearold seamer made it two in two balls by finding the edge of Neil Dexter's bat.
The SS Connemara was rammed amidships by the incoming collier The Retriever beside the Haulbowline lighthouse on November 3, 1916.
A little more timber amidships, perhaps, and white-haired, but the vocals belied his move into the senior category.
The vessel was powered by a closed cycle steam engine with the ability to run the single propeller for up to four hours, with diving controlled by a pair of hydroplanes amidships.
Durham's plight took a fresh twist when Paul Collingwood was struck amidships by Gurney and went down as though poleaxed.
Nessie then positions itself until the jacket is located amidships, rigging is attached and the jacket is rotated underwater to the horizontal position, where it is secured for transport to shore.
To achieve these goals, the development programme established that positioning the accommodation amidships, combined with a shallower draught made the vessel more stable, delivering optimal comfortable living conditions and more efficient dynamic positioning.
The engines were mounted amidships atop the platform and were covered by a flat steel hood, upon the front of which was the operator's seat.
Bring on the croquet and quoits amidships Converted corvettes with cabins en-suite Peace is the word on everyone's lips.
A few weeks later, a mine struck the ship amidships as it was moored ve miles o the coast of Normandy.