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Synonyms for amidships

at or near or toward the center of a ship

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Sheffield was hit amidships by an Exocet missile launched from an Argentinian warplane, and, although the warhead did not explode, the impact was enough to trigger a fierce fire and also to cripple the ship's firefighting systems.
The pitch might have been easy-paced but there was still enough there to persuade the Australian seamers to bend their backs and Bopara was hit in the throat, on the shoulder and, as they say, amidships.
As though the 936 blow to the Puerto Rican economy wasn't staggering enough, then there is the fear that Fidel Castro will die soon, and another economic cannonball will be fired amidships.
It is the ultimate layout for a sports model, being strictly a two-seater with the engine amidships driving the rear wheels.
For rescue missions, these ships are equipped with fire monitors forward and amidships which can deliver either firefighting foam or sea water.
The rest of the foundation for the incipient mishap was getting started in the amidships passageway, where duty food-service attendants (FSAs) were breaking out stores from the reefer decks.
He clattered one into the opener's stumps and then let go a beamer which hit him, as the euphemism has it, amidships.
4-litre power unit which is mounted amidships in front of the rear axle.
The Good Hope, afire amidships, then turned directly towards the German line, possibly with the idea of using her torpedoes.
Slimline engines mean a short nose and, already broadshouldered, the car spreads amidships before tucking in at the tail.
But when it came to getting in and out of his beloved boat, Robbie Coltrane, 51, found he was just too large amidships.
Four Rolls-Royce podded propulsors, two fore and two amidships, permit the transmission of power without excessive long shafting, and each is driven by a medium speed diesel engine.
Most of our passengers seemed to be drawn to the pool area amidships, an area that has the aspect of a giant sun-tanning reflector shield (two-story wind screens all around).
Clutterbuck, who had experienced an anxious two hours vigil on the focsle head was glad to let go the anchor and make his way amidships.
A] big hospital ship brilliantly illuminated with a green band around the hull, and a Red Cross amidships steamed by, travelling South, evidently carrying some of the unfortunate patriots who had sacrificed their lives for their country's sake while we looked on from the deck of our ship in comparative safety, selfishly satisfied to let others do the hard and risky work.