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Synonyms for amidship

located in the middle part of a ship or aircraft

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at or near or toward the center of a ship

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The Joint Venture already has Certification Authority approved designs for the commonly used turret concepts in the world today (internal bow and amidship style turrets).
The G4s have their superstructure and bridge amidships, rather than at the stern like the G3s.
Vessel To Be Supplied With Stainless Steel Mooring Cleats As A Minimum Of One On Each Corner And One On Each Side Amidships.
A second guest double cabin with ensuite is amidships to port, and a third cabin is a double bunk bed arrangement to starboard (excluded in the galley-down package).
The Greeks long ago discovered that by placing longer and heavier oars at fixed (and sometimes locked) positions amidships on the gunnels, the rower enjoys far better leverage and the oars displace more water.
The missiles are carried in fixed launchers which carry four containerized missiles and are mounted amidships in pairs facing to each side.
Bring on the croquet and quoits amidships Converted corvettes with cabins en-suite Peace is the word on everyone's lips.
A few weeks later, a mine struck the ship amidships as it was moored ve miles o the coast of Normandy.
5 overs in reaching 199-7 against Ushaw Moor, John Newstead injecting some urgency with an unbeaten 54 from 56 balls before the inevitable abandonment, while Whiteleas lost some of their hard earned ground after struggling to 105-6 at Langley Park, where Dave Gladstone (4-6) holed their innings amidships to deny them some crucial bonus points?
Below deck, the 640' s amidships master suite stretches the width of the 16-ft beam and covers about 225 sq ft.
The ship was slowly sinking and the bend amidships growing," he said He added the weather was bad but he had sailed in worse aboard the Swanland.
PS5 is nothing to see Seven Summits, Amidships, Echo Raptors and Feet For Wings.
Amidships were about a hundred civilian passengers, including us 18 seminarians and our two 'chaperones', Fr Len Henry, on his way to the Pontifical Music Institute in Rome, and Fr Clem Tierney, on his way to the Collegio San Pietro to complete a doctorate in theology.
After the initial assault on Juno on D-Day I was off watch and fast asleep in the after mess deck when two 500lb bombs struck us amidships.
S/SGT David Koblitz and S/SGT Bruce Tuthill forced open the bomb-bay doors amidships and with gloved hands furiously dumped equipment and shiny brass belts of ammunition into the frigid air.