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Synonyms for amiably

in an affable manner

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I hope you are listening, Miss Minora," said Irais in the amiably polite tone she assumes whenever she speaks to that young person.
the old gentlemen, not in the least knowing what point of the ceremony we had arrived at, stood most amiably beaming at the ten commandments.
She spoke amiably, yet with the least hint of dismissal in her voice.
And then would sit amiably smiling and taking no notice of the reply or would sweetly glide off into a calculation of the number of letters she had lately received and answered or of the coffee-bearing power of Borrioboola-Gha.
Remarkable fact: that whole crowd, so tumultuous but a few moments before, now waited amiably on the word of the comedian; which proves the eternal truth, still experienced every day in our theatres, that the best means of making the public wait patiently is to assure them that one is about to begin instantly.
Having seemingly forgotten their weird kiss, Mick encourages a beaming Whitney to stick around and the pair amiably catch up.
Later, when Steven spots Lauren and Josh chatting amiably, he's fuming, and delivers a harsh warning.
Contract award notice: Providing tracking and recovery services of first wash and second wash claims amiably.
Still, sitcoms have their place, and so does "The Hollars"; with its comfy cast of pros playing amiably to type, it should amble easily enough down ancillary avenues.
Aquino chatted amiably only with Bachelet while Xi was left by his lonesome without nobody to talk to.
Parr amiably explains the three stages of attention and seven captivation triggers that can save a company or idea from disappearing into oblivion.
It's amiably played by Grant and Tony Curtis, the upstart who impersonated him that same year in Some Like It Hot.
Having successfully taken over the position of amiably bumbling English crime buster from Ben Miller, he was amazed at how tough this second crack of the whip would be.
Open-Face Roasted Veggie Melts pair amiably with steaming mugs of tomato soup.