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he asked, with the greatest courtesy and amiability.
But, however, the conceited wretch chose to interpret my amiability of temper his own way, and at length presumed upon my indulgence so far--what do you think?
A flattering looking glass is a promoter of amiability," she said.
He shook his head but his amiability seemed to have wholly returned.
But as I had not the slightest intention of remaining at Duskydale, I could afford to establish a reputation for amiability by saying nothing.
Her overflowing amiability included even poor Miss Darnaway and the absent brothers and sisters.
She issued her orders with the most charming amiability.
Excessive amiability and excessive liberality are the two favorite assumptions of the modern generation.
While the ladies were thus busying themselves, Mr Lillyvick was intent upon the game in progress, and as all should be fish that comes to a water-collector's net, the dear old gentleman was by no means scrupulous in appropriating to himself the property of his neighbours, which, on the contrary, he abstracted whenever an opportunity presented itself, smiling good-humouredly all the while, and making so many condescending speeches to the owners, that they were delighted with his amiability, and thought in their hearts that he deserved to be Chancellor of the Exchequer at least.
Who can begin conventional amiability the first thing in the morning?
No, it isn't necessary," said Marlow, feeling the check to his eloquence but with a great effort at amiability.
said Levin to Veslovsky, looking intently at his leg, but speaking with that forced amiability that Kitty knew so well in him, and that was so out of keeping with him.
he began, all in a glow with the warmth of his own amiability.
Winnie had also other charms: her youth; her full, rounded form; her clear complexion; the provocation of her unfathomable reserve, which never went so far as to prevent conversation, carried on on the lodgers' part with animation, and on hers with an equable amiability.
This little incident, illustrative though it was of Mrs Varden's extraordinary sweetness and amiability, had so strong a tendency to check the conversation and to disconcert all parties but that excellent lady, that only a few monosyllables were uttered until Edward withdrew; which he presently did, thanking the lady of the house a great many times for her condescension, and whispering in Dolly's ear that he would call on the morrow, in case there should happen to be an answer to the note--which, indeed, she knew without his telling, as Barnaby and his friend Grip had dropped in on the previous night to prepare her for the visit which was then terminating.