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assimilation into American culture

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But these days I'm not sure what a British game might be or what this great British game that is somehow being prevented from happening by Americanisation would look like.
This research aims to assess the explanatory power of the underlying causes of Americanisation against the emergence of a European Administrative space via harmonisation, the transnational communication facilitated by the OECD, as well as globalising economic and political structures.
We do not want Americanisation of the best game in the world.
I feel embarrassed at this Americanisation of the street.
He shows the perennial attraction of the seaside in cultural artefacts from children's books to film, yet does not mention it as a theme in popular song; and the Americanisation of popular culture, which had its echoes in the resorts, not least in the introduction of their amusement arcades, gets scant attention.
He argued that Britain had long since abandoned the national perspective of a self-satisfied little island at the heart of a great empire: `But it is not clear whether what has replaced it is Europeanisation, Americanisation or just globalisation.
Lindsey Kressin); "Reporter at Large: Morris Markey's Literary Journalism in 'The New Yorker'" (Les Sillars); "Art, Ideology and Americanisation in Post-War Dutch Journalism" (Hans Renders); and "Union Magazines' Coverage of the NAFTA Controversy before Congressional Approval" (Eric Freedman).
The Americanisation of Asda continues apace, or rather Apache, following its takeover by Wal-Mart last year.
It will be a lecture entitled Factory Girls Looking Like Actresses: Gender and Americanisation in British Society in the 20th Century.
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