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Synonyms for amendable

capable of being corrected by additions


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The prior contract was effective in 2010 and became amendable in May 2012.
The new agreement becomes amendable on 24 March 2015.
The campaign began in March, one year after the flight attendants' contract became amendable.
Although Rauscher admits he is "nervous" about the study, he says he believes the results are valid "until proven otherwise" and that "an awful lot of other cancers may be amendable (to this approach).
The contract, ratified well ahead of the amendable date of Dec.
The ratified agreement for Horizon's dispatchers becomes amendable on Aug.
The previous three-year contract became amendable on Jan.
It is particularly significant that the pilots and Alaska management reached agreement on a new contract a little more than a month beyond the last agreement's April 1, 2013, amendable date.
Their previous contract became amendable on 16 August 2008 and the new agreement covers the period through to 16 August 2013.
Horizon's pilot contract became amendable in September 2006.
The previous three-year agreement became amendable on Jan.
The current contract became amendable on May 1, 2012.
United announces tentative agreement with subsidiary Continental flight attendants United Airlines announced today that the company has reached a tentative agreement with the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) covering flight attendants from the company's Continental subsidiary, almost three months ahead of the contract's amendable date.
The company's current contract with TWU 550, which represents around 185 Southwest Airlines dispatchers, became amendable in November 2009.