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Here Danny MacKinnon looks at the dismal record of regional policy in Britain, which, at least since the 1930s, has not comprehended that small amounts of ameliorative investment and political tinkering can make little headway in the context of a centralised system that is organised in a such a way that, as a matter of course, far more resources are channelled to the South East than to the rest of the country.
2] group in oestrus and consequent conception, as compared to those of controls during summer season could be attributed to ameliorative effect of mineral and vitamin supplementation against heat stress.
Based on Kapp, Justice Frankel finds that the impugned provisions do qualify as an ameliorative program, as "[t]he purpose of the impugned provisions is to remedy the disadvantages created by the state-sanctioned dissociation of adoptees from their biological parents".
Here Aycock's panoply of references serve the ameliorative aims of public art.
Looking into the second half of the year, amid the increasing rigid and ameliorative housing demand in domestic property market as well as the deepening urbanization movement, the Group is cautiously optimistic about the prospect of the mainland property market.
The presence of sphagnum peat moss and soil in coal ash based plant growth media expressed ameliorative role reducing the presence of trace elements in the leachate.
However, as a further step, the ameliorative effect of the struvite recovered from anaerobically pretreated poultry manure wastewater on the various medicinal plants growth has not been fully investigated in the literature.
Several contextual factors were relevant to this inquiry: (1) pre-existing disadvantage, stereotyping, prejudice, or vulnerability of the claimant; (2) the correspondence between the grounds on which the claim was based and the actual need, capacity, or circumstances of the claimant; (3) the ameliorative purpose or effects of the law upon a more disadvantaged person or group; and (4) the nature and scope of the interest affected by the law.
social ameliorative action," and William James came close to recommending calm acceptance of the fact that part of the ideal must be "'butchered.
They're intended to provide a blueprint for how communities can undertake mitigation activities, whether it's initial risk and vulnerability assessment through actually taking ameliorative action to deal with hazards.
122) As for Law's ameliorative purpose or effect factor, it was now to be considered under section 15(2), although the Court left open the possibility that it might also be pertinent to whether the law or program perpetuated disadvantage.
Moody's does not find these actions completely ameliorative however, and the rating agency augurs a widening gap between earned interest rates and interest rates implicit in pricing and assumptions.
Aubyn Gosse (history, University of the West Indies, Jamaica) explores early 19th century plantation management in Jamaica within the larger context of ameliorative reforms leading up to the final abolition of slavery in Jamaica and British colonies in 1833, plus reforms after abolition, such as the apprenticeship period and the actual emancipation of slaves in 1838.
Callahan sometimes conies across as though he advocates providing only palliative care to those who, as summarized by Beth Baker in her 2009 interview with Callahan, "have lived a reasonably full life of, say, 70 to 80 years," offering them "high quality long-term care, home care, rehabilitation and income support, but not extraordinary and expensive medical procedures " That is, we should ration health care for our elders, granting them mainly ameliorative care rather than vainly seeking to cure the unyielding chronic illnesses that plague them.
DEALING WITH A DISRUPTIVE DIRECTOR is not unlike dealing with a chronically aching neck that disrupts one's life: both preventive and ameliorative measures must be taken to handle the "pain in the neck.