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It is a source of pride for staff; and one that is supported financially, through staff time and professional development support that the coalition is in place to assist the community in ameliorating harm to youth associated with alcohol and other drug use along with associated problems.
Ameliorating cumulative fatigue may require the unlearning of certain learned behaviors that lead to burnout.
Mudelsee and his colleagues also estimated the ameliorating influence of reservoirs and other flood-control measures and found that they had little effect during large inundations.
When such a component is elevated to a high policy level, it finally will be feasible to unify disparate approaches to preventing and ameliorating psychosocial problems and promoting wellness, thereby reducing fragmentation.
3) In addition to ameliorating the counterproductive nature of the tax, the repeal of corporate AMT would have a salutary effect in reducing administrative burdens and costs comparable or greater in value than the foregone revenues.
The treatment was effective in ameliorating liver, bowel and skin manifestations of GvHD, the paper reported.
Solving housing needs cuts to the very core of ameliorating other social ills.
DELTA-MI was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study evaluating increasing doses of KAI-9803 as a treatment for ameliorating reperfusion injury associated with heart attacks, or acute myocardial infarction (AMI).
Ultimately, these data will provide a basis for devising strategies to prevent disease by avoiding or ameliorating harmful exposures and exploiting those exposures that confer protection.
They confirm [that] even low levels of circulating clotting factor can have an ameliorating effect on this disease.
Hence, whereas the due diligence exception is the principal means of ameliorating taxpayer reporting burdens (especially if revised in the manner that we recommend), more can be done to add flexibility to the administration of the law.
even in the apartment market, which has been the prime target of REIT acquisitions, Korpacz's survey participants see the REIT influence ameliorating.
PETACH TIKVA, Israel -- Can-Fite BioPharma (TASE:CFBI), a world leader in development of drugs that are agonists of the A3 adenosine receptor (A3AR agonists), announced today that it began its preparation to initiate a pilot clinical study to test efficacy of its lead drug, CF101, in ameliorating dry eye symptoms.
In fact, Glueck says, "their reduction in weight appears to have been due almost exclusively to ameliorating insulin resistance.
The agency is monitoring the complaint and is giving owners a shot at ameliorating the situation.