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The net operating loss carryforward and carryback provisions of section 172 permit taxpayers to ameliorate the unduly harsh and inequitable consequences of taxing income strictly on an annual basis.
Vitality's solution ameliorates these concerns and offers a superior, non-invasive, patient friendly alternative to conventional vasectomy.
Like a biochemical Prince Charming, a common food additive can awaken a sleeping gene that then ameliorates the symptoms of sickle cell anemia and betathalassemia, a new report suggests.
The abstract presentation at the DDW meeting, entitled: "SP304, An Analog of Uroguanylin, Ameliorates Inflammation in a Model of Experimental Colitis" authored by Refaat Hegazi, Fengling Li, Gabriel Calilao, Antonia Sepuveda, Kunwar Shailubhai and Scott E.
Gerlach and others at CSIRO Division of Plant Industry in Canberra, Australia, successfully inserted the gene for a tobaccoplant RNA satellite that ameliorates the symptoms of infection by tobacco ring-spot virus.
The presentation entitled "Glucocerebroside Treatment Ameliorates Experimental Colitis: A New Immune-Modulatory Tool" will focus on the role of glucocerebroside (GC) as a new immunomodulatory agent.
52), apparently ameliorates patient symptoms by stimulating some component of the immune system.
We will continue to seek from the RCA either additional interim relief or a final adjudication that more fully ameliorates the unfair competitive arbitrage opportunities associated with below cost UNE rates.