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any of several malignant neoplasms (usually of the skin) consisting of melanocytes

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Amelanotic melanoma was ruled out because of a long clinical course of the lesion.
A primary amelanotic melanoma of the vagina, diagnosed by immunohistochemical staining with HMB45, which recurred as a pigmented melanoma.
The rarity of our case is the presence of amelanotic melanoma in palatine tonsil.
While only 5% of all melanoma cases are not among the major histopathologic subtypes, nearly 11% of the foot cases in the Loyola study were tumor variants, such as spindle cell or amelanotic melanoma.
Melanoma from unknown primary site and amelanotic melanoma.
A patient with amelanotic melanoma may look well, but will likely soon be dead.
In this series, OLN and one case of amelanotic melanoma were clinically diagnosed as polyps.
The differential diagnosis of angiosarcoma includes haemangioma for the better differentiated lesions, Kaposi's sarcoma for those with a predominantly spindle component, and carcinoma or amelanotic melanoma for the poorly differentiated types.
Primary amelanotic melanoma of the breast: combating a rare cancer [published online ahead of print October 27, 2010].
Amelanotic conjunctival naevi may mimic lymphoma, papilloma, CIN III, squamous cell carcinoma or amelanotic melanoma.
An online textbook recommends either excision or shave (with or without curettage), but advises surgical excision with histologic confirmation for pyogenic granuloma lesions that can't be differentiated with certainty from amelanotic melanoma, which typically grows more slowly.
CHICAGO -- A seemingly benign skin lesion that initially presented as a possible dermatofibroma turned out to be an unusual amelanotic melanoma, Sarvenaz Zand reported in a poster at the annual meeting of the American Society of Dermatopathology.
Such cases of amelanotic melanoma in situ lack classical morphologic features and may thus easily elude clinical diagnosis.
Melanoma is frequently pigmented and an amelanotic melanoma must be distinguished from other simulating lesions.