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like an amoeba (especially in having a variable irregular shape)


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The presence of ameboid cells alleviated Wagge's concerns over proposed mechanisms of shell repair, and led him to wonder whether similar mechanisms were also used in formation of new shell.
Regardless, he seemed quite certain that ameboid cells played an essential role in the crystallization of both shell nacre and pearls, the former stimulated by normal growth processes and the latter by the abnormal presence of a foreign object.
The findings of Dubois and Boutan were no doubt instrumental in Wagge's (1955) conclusion that migrating ameboid cells were essential contributors to shell formation.
Ameboid microglia (see figure 4, top right) are phagocytizing cells that clear infectious agents, cellular debris, and toxic agents and are associated with extensive degeneration as is found in stroke and brain trauma.
Notwithstanding an extensive literature on the subject, the question of the histogenesis of the inflammatory process and, especially, the origin of the phagocytic mononuclear ameboid wandering cells is not settled.
Under the influence of this stimulus the endothelial cells of the adjacent blood vessels, containing carbon particles in their protoplasm, were seen to separate from each other, to become free and to transform themselves into ameboid cells, typical mononuclear exudate cells or macrophages.
3) Polyblasts--the ameboid phagocytic mononuclear exudate cells.
The endothelium in inflammation forms new capillary sprouts; it may also proliferate and give off cells into the tissue which at once assume the characters of fibroblasts; but its elements never become transformed into ameboid cells.
Unquiet ghosts lurked about - echoes of Rothko's rectangles, Newman's zips, and Sam Francis's ameboid patchworks.
Mass mortalities caused by an ameboid pathogen (Jones 1985) can reset the cycle to Stage 1 from any of Stages 2, 3, or 4 (Fig.