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pertaining to or resembling amoebae

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Primary amebic meningoencephalitis--Arizona, Florida, and Texas, 2007.
Amebic colitis and other forms of amoeba parasites are second only to malaria in terms of protozoa-associated mortality.
Pyogenic abscesses are variable in appearance radiographically and can often be confused with amebic abscesses.
According to the literature review, only the reports involving amebic pericarditis were recruited for further study.
Other therapeutic uses of chloroquine include amebic liver abscess, rheumatoid arthritis, and systemic or discoid lupus erythematosus.
Lack of clean water availability and poor sanitation results in diseases such as cholera, shigellosis, diarrhea, and amebic dysentery, which causes 1.
1937: Eight cases of amebic dysentery were reported to the Lane County health department from July 26 through Aug.
It is frequently confused with primary and metastatic necrotic hepatic malignancies, and pyogenic or amebic liver abscesses.
143 2 AIDS/HIV 9 9 9 3 Amebic Dysentery 9 3 3 4 Anthrax, cutaneous 9 3 3 5 Ascariasis 1 1 1 6 Brucellosis 9 3 1 7 Campylobacter Enteritis 9 1 1 Human Cost Geography Frequency Weight Must Total To One = 0.
About 100 patients with amebic pericarditis have been reported, and in each spread was from a hepatic abscess (46).
Tinidazole, an antiprotozoal agent that has been used in other countries for more than 25 years, also received Food and Drug Administration approval for treating giardiasis, intestinal amebiasis, and amebic liver abscess.
Also approved for giardiasis, intestinal amebiasis, and amebic liver abscess.
Ranunculaceae used for bacterial and amebic dysentery, and externally for trichomonas vagicitis 19.
2] The life cycle includes amebic forms (rarely seen and difficult to identify), cysts, and the central body form (more common form seen in stool specimens).