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naked freshwater or marine or parasitic protozoa that form temporary pseudopods for feeding and locomotion

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Stool examinations for amebae were found to be poor tests, with only 12% of patients demonstrating evidence of amebic infection.
Clinical signs, symptoms, and laboratory features of ALA (a) Number of cases Average Range reviewed (b) Symptoms and signs Weight loss (%) 39 11-83 871 Anorexia (%) 47 23-89 499 Abdominal pain (%) 92 73-100 1,701 Diarrhea (%) 23 12-40 1,426 Fever (%) 90 72-100 2,192 Jaundice (%) 22 5-50 1,630 Hepatomegaly (%) 62 20-100 1,539 Abdominal tenderness (%) 78 40-100 1,424 Laboratory tests Stool cysts/trophozoites (%) 12 4-30 4,908 Amebae in cyst aspirate (%) 42 30-76 1,402 Hemoglobin level (g/dL) 12.
mandrillaris amebae that cause encephalitis among transplant recipients is not known, but such cases are rare and may not be immediately recognized by clinicians.
fowleri amebae n Karachi's municipal water supply may have several explanations.
fowleri amebae in the water supply, however, does not explain the sudden increase in the number of cases.
Amebae were characterized on the basis of morphologic criteria (cyst morphology and trophozoite shape and motility) (5).
can cause severe infections, amebae also carry pathogenic microorganisms (4).
Some of these mycobacteria already had been shown to survive in free-living amebae and to be implicated in human diseases, such as M.
Live amebae were therefore harvested for PCR analysis to specifically identify N.
However, although antibodies against amebae indicate invasive disease, these antibodies can also be seen in persons with asymptomatic colonization with amebae (1).
Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus (APM), a virus of free-living amebae, has reportedly caused human respiratory disease.
contaminated water) because free-living amebae may serve as hosts for Waddlia spp.