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2005) randomized 61 chronic stroke survivors with limited community ambulation to the experimental group (n = 32), which received a treadmill aerobic training intervention program, and the control group (n = 29), which received a reference exercise program composed of stretching plus low-intensity walking exercise.
Joe restorative CNA and all other staff members and families will watch the resindents return to independent ambulation and the term "fall prevention" will become a phrase of the past.
The following information was retrieved from the case files of patients who met the inclusion criteria: age, sex, pre-morbid ambulation status, sites, causes and method of reduction of fractures.
It was hypothesized that the two different behaviors were functionally equivalent and therefore, strengthening upright walking should decrease socially stigmatizing ambulation for the participant.
Weight rate to 800 lbs per 8 ft of track, FreeStep allows multiple users, performing varying exercises, to benefit from supported ambulation without increasing therapist attention.
The Model 6148 is available with an easy-mount, sure-grip ambulation sole for in-room transfers.
In a separate study presented at the meeting, patient ambulation was not significantly affected by the use of bupivacaine vs.
Treatments: Range of motion, ambulation, dressing and toileting assistance by nursing, and pain management.
Coronary angiography using 4 Fr catheters with ACISTed power injection: A randomized comparison to 6 Fr manual technique and early ambulation.
The importance of monitoring daily ambulation and activities in people who have undergone lower-limb amputation has been identified previously [1-4].
A "slide-and-lock" mechanism keeps the outsole firmly in place during ambulation.
Although the practice may decrease the incidence of mechanical delivery, there is a scarcity of definitive data to confirm this and other reported advantages of ambulation, including decreased pain, shorter labor, less need for augmentation, less dystocia, decreased frequency of contractions, and increased intensity of contractions.
We believe that the Techstar system provides patients with significant clinical and economic benefits including more rapid achievement of hemostasis, reduced time to ambulation and increased patient comfort.
There is significant need for active orthotic devices that enhance muscle functionality and enable ambulation," added Ted Driscoll of Claremont Creek Ventures.
A profound phase-dependent modulation, including modulation associated with ambulation speed, also occurs during walking and running [2,5-8].