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a vehicle that takes people to and from hospitals

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Heat eight was brought to an early halt when leader Kyle Howarth reared violently off bend four crashing heavily into the fence and had to be ambulanced off with a left ankle injury.
The ambulanced were donated by Iranian Consul General Abbas Ali Abdullahi during a ceremony on Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) at the consulate in Sindh.
Shea and the intoxicated driver were both ambulanced to a rural emergency room--the "Lake Placid satellite branch of the Adirondack Medical Center" ("AMC").
She had to be ambulanced to Ayr Hospital where she was thought to have taken a heart attack as a result of her reaction to the substances she seems to have taken.
911 is called and the patient is ambulanced to a hospital where, in absence of an Advance Directive, Five Wishes or a similar document, all interventions and tests are done immediately: It's really sad when, hours or days later, directives are located that may mandate the opposite of the care that was given.